Microsoft Edge Insider Channel and installation on Fedora

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Microsoft Edge one of the prominent chormium-based browser these days. Significantly providing user the most of the possibilites and services at its best.

Microsoft Edge, a stable version browser has amazing competitive speed, this happening as of under-the-hood-tweaks helping browser’s page load faster and react more.

Edge providing simple privacy controls, by adding controls as Basic, Balanced and Strict. The Reading support given by Edge is one of the top priority feature of it. Edge provides us Immersive Reader which is a distraction-free reading mode making user to consume the reading content easily.

As it has been already known that Edge is perfectly integrated with Windows which is a certain satisfaction to not only the user but also to developers.

Nowadays, user or say mostly developers these days are realizing the power of Microsoft Edge through its debug tools. Since we came across the word developer, so here we’re indirectly refering to the community of Linux user.

fedora linux

So what’s Microsoft Edge Insider and its channel?

In a very precise collection of words, Edge Insider are those passionate user who are very much into the latest updates of Microsoft Edge and has opted-in in the program of insiders and are ready to test and give feedbacks/suggestion regarding update for improvisation.

Channels are the preview for the new Edge Chromium-based browser. Joining them will define the ‘Insider’ how they are reacting to updates.

So basically channels goes like this :

  1. Beta Channel : Update every 4 weeks
  2. Dev Channel : Updated weekly
  3. Canary Channel (not for Linux): Updates daily

So how an user becomes an insider?

By downloading any of the channel and signing in using your Microsoft Account will make an user an Edge Insider.

Link to the channels :

P.S → Signing in can be an optional part. Insider will still recieve the updates.

Also, don’t forget to join our Microsoft Tech Community.

Steps for installing Edge Insider on Fedora Linux

Since, being a Linux distro user should the command line to download and install package. So Microsoft is providing the source repository for it.

  1. Setup your terminal with the latest upgrades. Seems always a good practice.
  2. Go to Edge Insider Website and look up for repository instructions.
    P.S-> Here Platform is selected as Fedora(.rpm) and Channel as Dev.
For linux, no Canary Channel available

3. Import the keys for repository into your terminal.

sudo rpm — import

4. Now heading towards adding repository.

sudo dnf config-manager — add-repo

5. Now copying repo data

sudo mv /etc/yum.repos.d/ /etc/yum.repos.d/microsoft-edge-beta.repo

6. Now finally installing Edge browser :

sudo dnf install microsoft-edge-beta

7. Yup, you’re done installing the Edge package and can now freely enjoy the insider edge.

edge insider page
Insider Spotlight for Rohit Yadav, Gold MLSA, Insider MVP

Depending upon the version you’ve installed, you will get the updates as of the same. As a responsible insider, you should be provinding proper feedbacks and suggestions to the teams and joining the Microsoft Tech Community for edge insiders.

Have an amazing and happy insider journey. Your actions will define the better stable versions.



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