Fedora Visual Studio Code Insider and setup for Cpp

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Visual Studio Code, one of the widely used and charming code editor from Microsoft. Almost covering every language to code on and also serving as the basic text editor.

Since being on the stage of popularity, Visual Studio keep updating themselves and providing us the amazing features to carry. So COOL !

But wait wait wait, how does a developer ensures that the update is or will be working definitely fine for the audience? Or say that how they are so confident while releasing a new update?

The answer is, Insider channel. So visual studio code insider is a community of folks working around the upcoming updates of visual studio code. Frequently generating reports of the performance of the code editor and letting the developer know what’s the issue or well what can be the solution of it.

This part of the article tells how to setup VS Code Insider into your Linux Machine.
For Windows, the steps are totally same as of stable VS Code.

P.S -> The article is based upon Fedora Linux.

Step 1. Visit https://code.visualstudio.com/insiders/, official page of insider.

Step 2. Select your download type in an accordance with installation package format.

Step 3. Now well we have download the .rpm file to be installed. So let us get installed.

Type rpm -i <filename>.rpm OR rpm -i <location of file>.rpm

Hurray !! You have successfully installed VS Code Insider into your Linux system.

This part of article now contains the setting up g++ (C++ compiler) for Fedora Linux.
Step 1: Downloading and installing gcc-c++ by typing sudo dnf install gcc-c++

Step 2 : Cross check the installed compiler into your system by

g++ — version (g++ dash dash version)

Step 3 : Open your Visual Studio Code Insider, there you can now create a new file with exention .cpp because it denotes C++ file.

Step 4: Well now, you can code your cpp and try to fetch out the output on the terminal.

factorial of a number

Note : If you encounter a problem like you’re not able to run the code in terminal. Just install code runner extension, then go to settings-> search ‘code runner’-> check in ‘run in terminal’.

Step 5: Getting your output on terminal.

Well you can enjoy using the VS Code insider and latest updates from Dev team before it is even published world-wide.



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